I've been using my psychic gifts for 20 years, along with reading tarot for about 15 years.  I have also studied astrology and am a Reiki Master. I also have a background is in acting and visual arts.
With my Youtube channel I use mostly tarot for general readings, but in personal session my psychic connection with spirit takes over.  Tarot has always been a tool to invoke images brought through my guides.  Its a beautiful process that I enjoy sharing with my clients.


  1. Very nice as I hope to find my inner path yes even at 66yrs I still am searching for it and have found love and compassion in all the people I have met Triple Sprial is a place where I find joy, peace and comfort every time I enter something in my inner self says yes this is the place you have been looking for and so many people to help guide me on my journey .

    1. Hi Neil, I'm glad that you love your path and connecting with Teiple Spiral. It is definitely a lovely place to be. Blessings to you!! See you Wednesday night. 😀